Diane L. Saber, Ph.D.

Diane Saber, Ph.D.

Diane Saber is an environmental microbiologist, scientist and project manager with over 30 years of experience in executing and managing¬†… (read more)

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Areas of Focus

REEthink is devoted to the areas of renewable energy and environmental restoration (hazardous site remediation).¬† For more information, click here. … (read more)

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REEthink is a high talent consulting and collaborative research company devoted to renewable natural gas and environmental projects. The company focuses on the production and introduction of renewable natural gas (RNG) to the natural gas pipeline grid, for vehicle fuel use or for other applications.

We also apply forensic chemistry and trace constituent analysis techniques for problem solving, spanning a wide variety of industries across North America. In cooperation with an environmental research laboratory, REEthink possesses specific expertise in the fields of:

  • Environmental microbiology
  • RNG program assistance for both energy developer and purchaser, with a focus on:
    • RNG specification preparation/guidance documents
    • Verification and monitoring programs
    • Gas quality testing and data interpretation
    • Project development support and strategies
    • Trace constituent analysis
  • Forensic chemistry for gas, soil, air and water analysis for problem identification
  • Odorant fade research
  • Microbially induced corrosion (MIC)
  • Compound degradation studies and expertise
  • Compost studies/fate of organics, inorganics and plastics in a compost environment
  • Litigation support
  • RNG workshops and program visioning
  • Market analysis reporting
  • Project management